poetry ; robbed , raw and reeling

ive always been an amateur when it comes to poetry, most of the time i write about past experience , oh well there goes another hobby.   Love has robbed me It has reeled my heart And left me raw I thought I was good enough But I have fooled myself I thought he was inquisitive The serene girl he wanted The perfect woman who was always Jubilant,spirited,peaceful But I wasn’t, I wasn’t good enough To him I was dull ,lifeless, dis interesting I was nonchalant,neutral , cold and weary I cannot describe how my broken heart feels right now … Continue reading poetry ; robbed , raw and reeling


i’ve never been a fan of print making but i guess once i gave it a chance , i began to like it , in-fact love it , we have ben working on different themes , and i realised im more drawn towards African of which has became my theme for the rest of this semester, but well, it works. and it definitely worked so well with print.had to plan first , and within that Africa theme , i wanted to combine tradition, beauty as well as nature , i guess it kinda worked …in a way but i dont … Continue reading printmaking


recently we were given a theme (emojis) and we were instructed to take your favourite emoji and how it makes your feel, combine that and express yourself through canvas , huh! have to say this wasn’t really what i told i would be doing on my third year but hey, anyway these are the results Continue reading emojis

the purpose

Being 21 years and not knowing what you really want in your life or where you’re really headed wasn’t something i had in mind, but since i finally found what i really want , maybe its time for everyone to know. i’m a young ,ambitious, introvert , ,determined and self driven lady who always dreamed of being the best she can possibly be. studied Creative development at Vega school and now i’m currently doing my third year in BA Visual Arts at University of KwaZulu Natal. I’ve always loved drawing, painting, prints ,design and at an earlier stage in my … Continue reading the purpose